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c3270 is an interactive 3270 emulator that runs on a character-mode terminal on a POSIX system. A character-mode terminal can be an emulator such as xterm, gnome-terminal, kterm, or a macOS Terminal window. It can also run on a Linux console, or on a real physical terminal such as a DEC VT100.

c3270 session display

How do I configure and run it?

c3270 uses resource definitions for its configuration, which can be set in a number of different ways:

  • Specifying a session file (a file with resource definitions in xrdb format) on the c3270 command line. A c3270 session file has the suffix .c3270.
  • Specifying individual command-line options when you invoke c3270. These override definitions from a session file.

c3270 also allows a number of options to be changed from menus, key combinations and at the c3270> prompt, but these changes are not saved -- you need to use one of the above methods to make changes to a new session.

Window resizing

If c3270 is running inside of a terminal emulator window rather than on a real hardware terminal, the emulator window should not be resized or maximized. If you do this, the display may become distorted until you return the window to its correct dimensions.

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