autoShortcut resource

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Type Default Option
Boolean false -S sets to true
+S sets to false

When true, wc3270 will run in auto-shortcut mode.

Auto-shortcut mode is what allows a wc3270 session file to be double-clicked in the Windows explorer, resulting in a window running wc3270 with the correct screen size, character set and font.

In auto-shortcut mode, wc3270 automatically creates a temporary desktop shortcut (.lnk file) that is compatible with the options in a particular session file, starts the link, and exits.

Session files created by the wc3270 Session Wizard include setting autoShortcut to true. Desktop shortcuts created by the Session Wizard and by auto-shortcut mode itself include the +S command-line option in their Target field, to prevent an endless loop of auto-shortcuts.

Version history

Introduced in wc3270 3.3.10.