httpd resource

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Type Default Option: -httpd
string x3270 c3270 wc3270 s3270 b3270

Configures the emulator to listen for HTTP requests. The HTTP server supports a REST API for scripts to control the emulator.

This server is defined only for external control of the emulator process. It is not a way to access interactive terminal emulation through a web browser. For ways to view a live 3270 emulator window in a web browser, see these alternatives.

This resource sets up a single, global HTTP server for external scripts to use. (By contrast, when the Script() action is run, a new instance of the HTTP server is created for the child script to use.)

The format of this resource uses listener syntax.

Setting the value to an empty string turns off the HTTP server.

When this setting is used with s3270, the emulator will not accept commands on standard input -- only HTTP I/O is available.