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x3270 vertical keypad
x3270 integral keypad

The x3270 pop-up keypad window appears then the keypad button is pressed on the x3270 main window. It allows common 3270-specific keys to be input quickly, when the key mappings have not been memorized or may not exist at all.

To select one of the keys, left-click on it.

In the default vertical keypad, the PF keys have a different meanings when the Shift key is pressed. For example, the PF1 key becomes PF13.

The workstation keyboard is still active while the keypad window has focus, so the keypad can be left open without interfering with ordinary keyboard input. That is, it is not necessary to click on the main window again to continue typing.

The default vertical keypad holds its position, either immediately to the left or the right of the main window.


The keypad resource controls the position and style of the keypad.

The keypadOn resource controls whether the keypad is visible as soon as x3270 starts.

Other resources (see below) control the sizes of the buttons and the color of the background.

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