Wx3270/Restricted operations

The following operations can be restricted in wx3270.

All restricted operations.
Any operation that would change the behavior of wx3270. Primarily it disables the settings window by removing its button from the main window
Disconnecting the host session using wx3270 menus or dialogs. (see note 1)
Modifying external files: tracing, screen tracing and profile export. (see note 1)
File Transfer operations. Restricting this operation disables the File Transfer tab of the actions window. (see note 1)
Online help. Restricting this operation removes the Help button from all wx3270 windows.
Host modifications. Restricting this operation disables various operations in the profile window that allow connections to be added, deleted or modified.
Profile modification. If this is restricted, various options can still be changed via the settings window, but the changes will not be saved in the profile.
Creating new windows. Restricting this operation disables creating a new wx3270 instance from the actions window.
The empty set of restricted operations. Useful with the -allow command-line option, for example, to specify that no restricted operations are allowed.
Use of the printer. Restricting this operation prevents most operations that access a printer from the workstation. This involves removing the ability to print a screenshot from the Actions window and Actions menu, as well as the ability to send screen traces to the printer from those same menus. It also disables the uPrintText() action, which prints a screenshot from the default keymap. (see note 1)
Opening the wx3270> prompt window.
Profile switching. Restricting this operation prevents wx3270 from using any profile besides the default (Base) or the one specified on the command line.
Tracing operations. Restricting this operation disables the tracing button in the actions window. (see note 1)

Note 1: These operations are still possible from the wx3270> prompt, and from keymaps and macros, so to lock them down completely, the Prompt and ChangeSettings operations must be restricted as well.

See also

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