stats indication

A b3270 protocol message that gives updated host session I/O statistics. These are sent at most once every two seconds, and only if there is a change.

Attribute/Mamber Always present? Type Purpose
bytes-received yes number Bytes received on this connection
bytes-sent yes number Bytes sent on this connection
records-received yes number Records received on this connection
records-sent yes number Records sent on this connection

Bytes refers to raw, unencrypted data. Actual byte counts sent on a TLS-encrypted TCP session will be different.

Records refers to the number of TELNET end-of-record (EOR) indicators sent or received. Each corresponds to an individual 3270 data stream protocol message.

Example (XML)

<stats bytes-received="1343" records-received="4" bytes-sent="32" records-sent="0"/>

Example (JSON)

New in 4.2

{ "stats": { "bytes-received": 1343, "records-received: 4, "bytes-sent": 32, "records-sent": 0 } }