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Welcome to The x3270 Wiki

This Wiki contains documentation for the x3270 family of IBM 3270 terminal emulators.

wx3270 main window

x3270 variants

Interactive emulators

  • x3270 is the original version. It is a graphical interactive 3270 emulator that runs on Linux, Solaris, MacOS (with XQuartz installed), FreeBSD and other POSIX-based operating systems.
  • wx3270 is a modern interactive graphical 3270 emulator for Microsoft Windows.
  • c3270 is an interactive 3270 emulator that runs on a character-mode terminal on POSIX systems. A character-mode terminal can be an emulator such as xterm, gnome-terminal, kterm, a MacOS Terminal window, or a Linux console, or a real hardware terminal such as a DEC VT100.
  • wc3270 is an interactive 3270 emulator that runs in a console window on Microsoft Windows.

Screen scraping tools

Daemon processes

  • pr3287 is an IBM 3287 printer emulator. It can be used in conjunction with one of the interactive terminal emulators to associate a printer with the login session, or it can run standalone to direct mainframe print jobs to a printer on a workstation. (On Windows, it is also called wpr3287.)
  • b3270 is a generic back end for 3270 emulators. b3270 implements the 3270 protocol and host input/output, and communicates with a front end application using a simple XML-based protocol..

A note on versions

This wiki describes x3270 release 4.0 and wx3270 release 1.0. Much of the information pertains to earlier versions, but fair amount of it does not.

See also

A good place to start is the Overview page. Also check out the FAQ and tutorials.

For downloads and additional information, try the original x3270 Webpage.