How to read keymap tables

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How to read default keymaps.

Table definitions

Here is a typical default keymap display for an action:

Mode x3270 c3270 wc3270 wx3270
3270 Alt-r Ctrl-r Ctrl-r
NVT Ctrl-a + r

The columns represent each interactive emulator. The rows represent the two basic operational modes, 3270 and NVT. (If only one row is shown, then the keymaps apply to both modes.)

If an entry is missing, then there is no key that maps to that action.

If a key has modifiers in front of it (Shift, Ctrl or Alt), it refers to those modifier keys pressed at the same time as the base key.

In more than one key is listed, separated by a +, it refers a multi-key sequence: pressing and releasing each key (or modifers and key) in sequence.

If more than one key is listed in a vertically-stacked list, it means there is more than one key mapped to that action.

Key names

For x3270, key names are listed as X11 keysym names.

For c3270, key names are listed as curses key names or ordinary characters.

For wc3270 and wx3270, key names are listed as virtual key codes (without the VK_ prefix) or ordinary characters.