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The Build/configure script produces a Makefile in the top-level directory. It is intended for use with GNU Make.

To build the code, type:


To install the Unix files, type:

make install

To install the Unix man pages, type:


To run tests, type: New in 4.2

make test

To clear out the intermediate build files, type:

make clean

To completely remove the object directories, type:

make clobber

Specific build targets

To see the build targets, use:

make targets

To build just the Unix programs, use:

make unix

To cross-compile just the Windows programs, use:

make windows

To build an individual program, such as s3270, just make it:

make s3270

Each of the top-level symbolic targets can be limited to a group (Unix or Windows) or to a program, by adding the desired prefix:

make program
make program-install
make program-clean
make program-clobber
make program-test New in 4.2
make group
make group-install
make group-clean
make group-clobber

Programs are defined as follows:

Program name Definition Objects
b3270 b3270 (Unix) obj/arch/b3270/b3270
c3270 c3270 (Unix) obj/arch/c3270/c3270
playback New in 4.2 playback (Unix) obj/arch/playback/playback
pr3287 pr3287 (Unix) obj/arch/pr3287/pr3287
s3270 s3270 (Unix) obj/arch/s3270/s3270
tcl3270 tcl3270 (Unix) obj/arch/tcl3270/tcl3270
wb3270 b3270 (Windows) obj/win32/wb3270/b3270.exe
wc3270 wc3270 (Windows) obj/win32/wc3270/wc3270.exe
wplayback New in 4.2 playback (Windows) obj/win32/wplayback/playback.exe
wpr3287 pr3287 (Windows) obj/win32/wpr3287/pr3287.exe
ws3270 s3270 (Windows) obj/win32/ws3270/s3270.exe
wx3270if x3270if (Windows) obj/win32/x3270if/x3270if.exe
x3270 x3270 (Unix) obj/arch/b3270/b3270
x3270if x3270if (Unix) obj/arch/b3270/b3270

Groups are defined as follows:

Group name Programs
unix b3270, c3270, playback, pr3287, s3270, tcl3270, x3270, x3270if
windows wb3270, wc3270, wplayback, wpr3287, ws3270, wx3270if

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