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The entry of APL characters with uses the special keysym names listed below.

Note: Symbols marked Sharp come from Sharp APL and are not on code page 310.

EBCDIC code APL keysym Image
GE X'41' apl_Aunderbar A
GE X'42' apl_Bunderbar B
GE X'43' apl_Cunderbar C
GE X'44' apl_Dunderbar D
GE X'45' apl_Eunderbar E
GE X'46' apl_Funderbar F
GE X'47' apl_Gunderbar G
GE X'48' apl_Gunderbar H
GE X'49' apl_Iunderbar I
GE X'51' apl_Junderbar J
GE X'52' apl_Kunderbar K
GE X'53' apl_Lunderbar L
GE X'54' apl_Munderbar M
GE X'55' apl_Nunderbar N
GE X'56' apl_Ounderbar O
GE X'57' apl_Punderbar P
GE X'58' apl_Qunderbar Q
GE X'59' apl_Runderbar R
GE X'62' apl_Sunderbar S
GE X'63' apl_Tunderbar T
GE X'64' apl_Uunderbar U
GE X'65' apl_Vunderbar V
GE X'66' apl_Wunderbar W
GE X'67' apl_Xunderbar X
GE X'68' apl_Yunderbar Y
GE X'69' apl_Zunderbar Z
GE X'70' apl_diamond
GE X'71' apl_upcaret
GE X'72' apl_diaeresis ¨
GE X'73' apl_quadjot
GE X'74' apl_iotaunderbar
GE X'75' apl_epsilonunderbar
GE X'76' apl_lefttack
GE X'77' apl_righttack
GE X'78' apl_downcaret
GE X'80' apl_tilde
GE X'8A' apl_uparrow
GE X'8B' apl_downarrow
GE X'8C' apl_notgreater
GE X'8D' apl_upstile
GE X'8E' apl_downstile
GE X'8F' apl_rightarrow
GE X'90' apl_quad
GE X'9A' apl_rightshoe
GE X'9B' apl_leftshow
GE X'9D' apl_circle
GE X'9E' apl_plusminus ±
GE X'9F' apl_leftarrow
GE X'A0' apl_overbar ¯
GE X'AA' apl_upshoe
GE X'AB' apl_downshoe
GE X'AC' apl_downtack
GE X'AD' apl_bracketleft [
GE X'AE' apl_notless
GE X'AF' apl_jot
GE X'B0' apl_alpha
GE X'B1' apl_epsilon
GE X'B2' apl_iota
GE X'B3' apl_rho
GE X'B4' apl_omega
GE X'B6' apl_multiply ×
GE X'B7' apl_slope \
GE X'B8' apl_divide ÷
GE X'BA' apl_del
GE X'BB' apl_delta
GE X'BC' apl_uptack
GE X'BD' apl_bracketright ]
GE X'BE' apl_notequal
GE X'BF' apl_stile |
GE X'AE' apl_notless
GE X'CA' apl_upcarettilde
GE X'CA' apl_upcarettilde
GE X'CB' apl_downcarettilde
GE X'CC' apl_squad
GE X'CD' apl_circlestile
GE X'CE' apl_slopequad
GE X'CF' apl_circleslope
GE X'DA' apl_downtackup
GE X'DB' apl_quotedot !
GE X'DC' apl_delstile
GE X'DD' apl_deltastile
GE X'DE' apl_quadquote
GE X'DF' apl_upshoejot
GE X'E0' apl_equalunderbar
GE X'E4' apl_diaeresisjot (Sharp)
GE X'E5' apl_diaeresiscircle (Sharp)
GE X'E6' apl_commabar (Sharp)
GE X'E7' apl_euro (Sharp)
GE X'EA' apl_slashbar
GE X'EB' apl_slopebar
GE X'EC' apl_diaeresisdot
GE X'ED' apl_circlebar
GE X'EE' apl_quaddivide
GE X'EF' apl_uptackjot
GE X'FB' apl_deltilde
GE X'FC' apl_deltaunderbar
GE X'FD' apl_circlestar
GE X'FE' apl_downtackjot